10 best smartwatches in 2015

10 best smartwatches in 2015

Over the last couple of years advancements in technology has seen different companies become very competitive trying to come up with the best smartwatches in town. This has enabled the companies to build smartwatches that do not just offer the basic feature of telling time but also perform many other functions even going as far as being wirelessly connected to your mobile phone so as to enable you access your mobile phone features right through your wrist. Through this read we will explain to you in details about 10 best smartwatches in 2015 that are available right now in the market.

1. Apple Watch


Apple Watch has been voted as the best smartwatch in the market right now. There are two sizes of the watch one can choose from. It has a colorful touch screen that helps you to see the screen even under direct sunlight. The phone is able to vibrate when issuing any notification e.g. a text or a call and this has been made possible through a Taptic Engine. It also has many other feature among them including features that help you take heart rate and helping you in your fitness activities. Is it waterproof?

Apple Watch

2. LG Urbane

LG Urbane

LG Urbane is arguably the best android smartwatch in market currently. It has a beautiful luxurious look coming from the leather design and stainless steel that it is made of. It can be integrated with your android phone such that any notifications that your phone receives can be seen and gone through directly from the watch with gesture controls helping you to scroll. It has other features like voice commands, a special monitor to check your heart rate, Wi-Fi connectivity and also enables you to command your car and play games on it.

3. Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear 2 is another really good smartwatch in the market. It has feature like a speaker, microphone that enable you to make calls through voice commands. It also has a camera and just like the other two watches it has heart rate monitoring features.

4. Sony Smart watch 3

Sony Smart watch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3 has also made a name of itself into becoming among the best smartwatches in town. This smartwatch is water and dust resistant hence you do not have to worry about your surroundings when wearing it. It is packed with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and other working out features.

5. Moto 360

Moto 360

Moto 360 is an android smartwatch that is made of stainless steel and a circular slick design making it quite attractive, simple and water resistant. It has voice command features and Google alerts that help show you your mobile phone notifications. It is usually charged wirelessly and also has a heart rate monitor underside it.

6. LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R Was made to give it that sporty look that many athletes may prefer. It has a larger battery and much bigger processor than the Moto 360. It is also equipped with lots of applications and features like a barometer and heart rate monitoring feature.

7. Pebble


If you are looking for a low budget smartwatch then the Pebble is what you need. It is cheap and has not just the mobile phone notification feature but also fitness features among many other applications. There are Pebbles that run on android operating system and others on Ios.

8. Asus Zenwatch

Asus Zenwatch

On the other hand if you are simply looking for a stylish smartwatch then you can be sure that Asus Zenwatch is what you are looking for. It beats those LGs and Samsung in terms of design and is also made up of features that help you access many of your phone applications right from your wrist. It runs on Android operating system.

9. Sony Smartband Talk

Sony Smartband Talk

Sony Smartband Talk is another simple but really good smartwatch. Here they did not bother making anything flashy but in terms of features they did put good feature and a lot of applications. It simple look makes it light small and very comfortable to wear. Although black and white are the most common they are also available in other colors.

10. LG G watch

LG G watch

LG G watch was the first android smartwatch which entered the market in 2014. It is squarely designed and built in plastic. The square feature enable it to become easy to use and was integrated with features that enable one access their phone notifications.

Therefore with the above knowledge you are now able to see the best smartwatches available in the market and you can hence select the one you think suits you best and you can be sure that it will impress you.


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