Apple Watch 2

Apple watch 2 – release date and rumors

After the release of first addition of Apple smart watch, the company is preparing to launch its sequel. First edition was a great success and people bought the smartwatch in millions. No doubt, it left all its competitors far behind in terms of sale and popularity. It broke all records of sale. According to Canalys, a data collection firm, approximately 4.2 million units of Apple smartwatch was sold only in the first quarter of year 2015. Since Apple is the name of trust, performance and durability, people are always curious about its upcoming devices. People want to know about the specifications, design, features, functions and expected price of the upcoming Apple Watch 2. Today, we will discuss about the Apple Watch 2 in details:

Apple Watch 2

Release Date

Well, there are many rumors about the release date; some are predicting that it will be released in September along with IPhone 6S but I think it is just a speculation and premature thought It means that the first edition had just 5 months of sale. But the most authentic analysts claim that the release date will be around March 2016. Frankly, what I got is that it will be released in the coming fall.


Size of the first generation Apple smartwatch in thickness is 10.5 mm. It is not as big as we see the modern smartwatches, however, it is in the news that Apple is planning to introduce a thinner model. Thinner size will also help to prolong battery life.

Apple Watch 2

Face time Camera

According to the news, a built in face camera will be included in the upper bezel of the watch. It will help you to make and receive video calls from your wrist. According to Apple during their WWDC 2015, Apple watch 2 will have the facility of audio calls. However, it is not 100% sure because Apple makes several prototypes of its products before launching the original one. Apple does not compromise on quality and performance of its products. So, it may be possible that face time camera will not be included in the final Apple Watch 2.

Watch faces and looks

New watch faces will be introduced in Apple Watch 2. It will provide the consumer a real time interaction with its smartwatch. For example, you can pick a memorable photo from you photo app and set it as the watch face of your smartwatch. In this way, you can watch and remember a memorable event like a birthday, marriage ceremony. You can also set a photo of your loved one. In my case, I will have to set photo of my wife as the watch face. You can set photo album and every time you see your watch a new photo will be increasing beauty of your watch face.

Easy Customization

You will be able can customize the Apple Watch 2 according to your own requirements. You can check instantly about the information you require. You will have not to move around the applications to get your essential information. You will be able to easily set them to display right on your watch face.

Apple Watch 2

Time Travel Feature

You can check things like weather conditions in the upcoming days when you are planning a trip. You can check any news you missed in the past few days due to heavy work load. It is like traveling through the time. You can go back to past and come back to current time only with a press of the digital crown.


Apple is working on this feature which will make the smartwatch relatively independent of the smart phone. Currently, Apple watch can only play music, tracking activities and mobile payments without pairing to Apple smart phone. You can perform other heavy activities like text messaging, phone calls, software updates by pairing your Apple smart watch with your Apple smart phone. The company is introducing a wireless chip set in the watch which will lessen its dependency on the phone. It is also reported that it will have the feature of ‘Find my watch’ like the ‘Find my phone’.
Other prominent features include nightstand mode. During this mode, watch will be charged and also show the time. You will be able to add more friends, use applications easily, send more colorful sketches and use more cards with Apple pay.

Battery and Price

Apple claims that the battery will last for whole day but you will have to charge it during the night. Sport models will range from £299 to £339, and the fancier model will be from £479, going up to £949.

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