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Asus VivoWatch – review

Asus Vivo smartwatch is basically a fitness based watch. It is an ideal combination of various specifications, long battery life up to ten days and fitness tracking. At first sight, I was inspired by its elegant design, sophistication and features. Look wise, it is somehow resembles Pebble Time but not the same. Function wise, it is not closer to serve you a replacement for your smart phone but it is a perfect sports watch with features like steps calculation, sleep quality, heart rate monitoring, calories burnt and other fitness related aspects. Let us take a detailed insight of Asus Vivo smartwatch.

Design and Appearance

Main watch face has a curved stainless steel frame, 128 x 128 pixel resolution and Gorilla Glass 3 touch screen. Smartwatch has no rubber at all apart from the wrist band. Screen is small as compared to the overall body of the watch but it is still very useful and you can clearly read the screen even in the bright sun light. It is water resistant by IP 67 standards. So, you can go out in rain or you can enjoy swimming. The underside is made up of plastic and sets according to your wrist shape. It helps to set the built in heart rate monitor perfectly on your skin. You can find a button on the right side of Asus Vivo smartwatch which helps to turn on or off any activity. LED display has a light which shines in different colors to tell us about different alerts. This light helps a lot to get information about different fitness activities.

Asus VivoWatch


You can swipe the touch screen left and right to get basic things like alarm setting, UV index, and calories burned etc. By pushing the screen up, you get information like exercise time, sleep quality and my favorite feature Asus’ Happiness Index score out of 100. As I mentioned earlier it does not offer the features of a smart phone like what’s up, face book messages, tweets etc but you can still get notified for a phone call by the vibration of Asus Vivo smartwatch. Sorry to say, but it does not tell you about simple text messages and no third party application support is available. One of the best features is called Vivo Pulse. It monitors heart beat round the clock for the whole twenty four hours. This feature is not present in most of the competitors of Asus Vivo smartwatch. Amazing thing about this feature is that it does not only show real numbers on the screen but you can judge your heart rate through different colors of the light present beneath the main screen. For instance, it flashes green when you are doing some kind of aerobic exercise and also burning your calories. The light flashes red when you are touching the maximum limits. It also vibrates to inform you about the maximum limit. As far as the accuracy is concerned, Asus Vivo smartwatch is perfect. It is on the equal footing with its rivals in the market.

Asus VivoWatch

But it lacks in some basic features. You cannot calculate the total distance covered through your watch and it is a serious issue for professional runners. Being a sports activity tracking watch, these features must improve in the upcoming models. There is no GPS and the smartwatch does not perform other smart functions like the modern watches usually perform. If I will have to classify it among modern fitness tracking watches, it is not up to the mark. In my opinion, fitness tracking features are very limited and don’t provide a full package about any health activity. It does not provide all the calculations about any single sports activity. Sleep quality feature is nice but all of us would not like to go into the bead while wearing a relatively big watch.

Asus VivoWatch

Battery life

There is a USB charging cradle to charge the Asus Vivo smartwatch. Battery life is superb and you don’t need to charge it for more than ten days.

Asus VivoWatch


For me, it is a basic fitness tracking watch. It lacks in many aspects like no GPS, no third party applications support and specifically no feature of modern smartwatches. However, price is also low and one can choose it for low price.

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