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What are the best smartwatches from China

What are the best smartwatches (SmartWatch) from China?

Carrier technology is more popular and becomes bigger hit than anyone could imagine. That’s why we bring you the first TOP 6 best smart watches.

If You wanh a smartwatch but are not willing to pay a lot of money then You are in right place. In fact, more precisely, we made for You a list of best smartwatches that are manufactured in China. What you will read below is really the best that can be found on the market which is signed by the Chinese. Why did we decide exactly to go for these manufacturers? Why not add other manufacturers such as Acer, Apple, Weloop, Pebble, Samsung, LG, Microsoft, HTC, Google, Motorola? Because You asked for it!

The Internet is full of “Top Models” on which has been written many reviews , but the problem is they do not really sell. Why? Because they are generally expensive and simply people can not afford any of them. However, these models that we wrote about, are available to everyone. And they are not bad at all. The quality of Chinese merchandise is rising with every year so these best smartwatches from china have pretty good qualiti and many features that very expensive brands don’t have. So these smartwatches offer more features for less money.

You do not believe me? Well Make yourself comfortable and get going with us by reading the following lines, you will be surprised how cheap and actually great these smartwatches can be – by bringing You TOP 6 best Chinese smartwatches … Ranking is random, it does not mean that the first is the best … Pick features that You like and just go for it.

Xiaomi Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band

Technically, Xiaomi Mi Band is not the classical smartwatch, but it is “Band” with most acceptable price “supporting technologies” and being sold at an incredible speed. Although it is very inexpensive, this device (which should be called “smart bracelet“) has all the features that the smartwatch has.

Xiaomi Mi Band  is a monitor of all your activities and he measures everithing, calculates and displays it on your smartphone. It can measure your training (fitness), sleep cycles, how much times you wake up and how many steps a day you do and how much calories you “burn”. The same way, you will receive notifications of missed calls. The battery on the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet will last up to great 30 days and it is waterproof so that you can use if while run on the rain.

Xiaomi Mi Band is definitely something that you all can afford. Sold at a price of only $ 19.99.

UWatch U8 Pro

UWatch U8 Pro

If you wanted a cheap, but quality and convenient smartwatch, then it is U8 UWatch Pro. This device is incredibly fast and we can not understand how the Chinese managed to put such a quality on such a small price. Of course, we could not resist and we bought it.

The first model, U8 UWatch was extremely popular in China, so they decided to make an even better successor and extend it globally. U8 UWatch Pro looks like a real watch and is acting that way, but it’s “smart” feature turns it into a little technological marvel on your wrist, which is found only in much more expensive smartwatches.

For example, it very easily connects to all Android and iOS smart phones via Bluetooth. If you want to use it as a standalone device, it is possible because it has its own slot for the SIM card. You can manage calls, messages, music, …

It is not difficult to conclude that the U8 UWatch Pro is extremely smart smartwatch and the price just can not compete with virtually none. You can buy it now at our friends in GearBestu at a price of $ 34.29 (as we write this). You can read our full review…

InWatch Z

InWatch Z

If you want a touch of luxury that will cost you, but still a lot less than you’d expect, then you should choose InWatch Z smartwatch. As far as functionality is almost identical to the U8 UWatch Pro, but production is quite different. On this smartwatch high quality materials where used, metal and glass, this device is built to last and for daily use.

In addition the hardware, and the interface is much better resolved, and much more “user friendly”. It is no wonder that the company calls it “the smallest Android smartphone in the world” because it is fact just that, the appearance is tailored for anyones hand and it looks like a real quality smartwatch.

InWatch Z has a 1.63 inch screen with resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, which is protected by a sapphire glass (better than Gorilla Glass). Working on 2-kernel MediaTekovom MT6572 processor at 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM. More powerful even than many “real” smartphones!

Oh, yes. You will like the camera wich has 5 MP and captures very decent photos.

And the price? InWatch Z has significantly higher price, but it is still much less than the competition. If you want to feel a touch of luxury, to be noticed and not pay much, your choice is this smartwatch that will cost  $ 270.5. Where? Again, to our friends on GearBestu

You can read our full review…

No.1 G2

No1-G2 smartwatch

If you happen to not like the design that U8 UWatch Pro has  (which is a little hard to believe!) Or do not want to pay $ 270 for a luxury InWatch Z, again you have a choice, and that is “something in between” or No.1 G2 Smartwatch. It is interesting that it has a design taken from a better known Samsung Camera Watch. If you like the Samsung’s design, then you will surely love this smartwatch, especially because it is several times cheaper.

No.1 G2 comes with all the functionality that smartwatches have – a step counter, gauge physical activity, monitors sleep, run, has alarm, digital recorder and music player that is controlled by your smartphone. It is also waterproof and dustproof, and can measure your heart rate.

More details on the No.1 G2, very solid smartwatch that will appeal to many, visit the official website. Otherwise, it costs $ 79.99 and you can purchase it at our friends at Coolicool webshop .

You can read our full review…

Omate X


Last, but not least is Omate X. It just opposite of No.1 G2 smartwatch. What do you think? If you simply can not stand Samsung’s design, then you choice would be this smartwatch. Design looks very nice and different, and that is characteristic of many a like – to be different, special.

Omate X is really special. Works on Android and has direct access to the Google Play store so you can download applications that You use and like. It is also compatible with Apple’s iOS operating system, which is nice.

This device is not independent and does not have a SIM slot, but over wireless connection it easily connects to your smartphone and can control calls, messages, music player, receive notifications … Thanks to MediaTek MT2502A Aster processor and 128 MB of RAM it works extremely smoothly.

Maybe it lacks some functions than the competition, but Omate X is definitely one of the best assembled and designed smartwatches that you can buy for less than $ 150. Speaking of price, it’s $ 129 and you can buy it with the company’swebsite.

Check our full review on Omate X smartwatch.

UPDATE on Juan Camilo Muñoz request:

Imacwear M7 sparta

Imacwear M7 sparta

The iMacwear SPARTA M7 – When You unpack this smartwatch you will notice the quality that has been used to build this smartwatch. Macwear SPARTA M7 is definitely wearable and , important thing, it is waterproof. It doesn’t matter if you like sport and fitness or you are a business oriented, the design is perfect for any occasion. This smartwatch also has s sim  slot and you can enjoy 2G GSM or 3G WCDMA frequency. It can work as standalone device.

IMacwear M7 has a dual core processor (MTK6572 Dual Core) and 4 GB od internal memory for music, apps and it even has a Micro SD card slot to expand memory with additional 32 Gb od memory. Camera is also very good. It has 5 megapixels and video is nice too at resolution of 864×480. It has Android 4.4 KitKat pre-installed and screen is excellent at only 1.54 inches (IPS Capacitive Screen).

iMacwear M7 can be found on sales for $112.63.


And, how about the “smart-ass watches” that we have briefly presented? Will some of them appear as a gift? If you have a suggestion feel free to let us know.

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