Cogito Pop smartwatch review

Cogito Pop smartwatch review

Cogito Pop smartwatch review – With the passage of time, companies are trying hard to introduce new technologies and innovations to manufacture multipurpose products. These products are providing different kinds of functions and applications in a single package. Now a day, watches are not merely used to check the time but customers want all the essential utilities in the watch. Smartwatches have introduced new era of revolution in the watch manufacturing industry.

Cogito Pop smartwatch review

Cogito Pop:

The Cogito Pop is a stylish analog smartwatch. It is built on the basic simple functions with a blend of modern technology. If you are interested in making phone calls or other simple functions from your watch and also want an elegant and sophisticated watch, Cogito Pop is the best deal for you. It is like an extended version of smart phone but not a complete replacement for your smart phone.


The entire packaging of the smartwatch is made by hard shinny plastic. It has a silicon band but you can change it according to your desire. The watch itself is made by plastic and there is nothing digital about watching the time on watch, it is like the conventional watches in this sense. It sometimes becomes tough to make changes in the settings but you can ignore it because you don’t need to perform this thing often. On the front, there is everything which you accept from a normal watch and there is no back light. You can see buttons on the side which are used to operate different operations. It also comes in several colors so you can select a color of your choice. Digital display is also cool.

Cogito Pop smartwatch review


It looks like a simple watch which you can connect to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. Its connectivity is simple and you can easily connect it to IOS and android 4.3 or above. Inside the applications, there is a demo section which makes easy to get familiarized with its functions. If you push any icon on your mobile phone, you will see the blinking of corresponding icon right on your Cogito Pop smartwatch. You can filter or hide different kind of notifications according to your choice and need. It is really good for the people who like simple functions instead of more complicated functions. It is extremely handy to use. If you don’t like some flashy type of smartwatches, it is a good choice for you. It has the ability to receive notifications, emails from your device, social network, alerts and different stuff like that. But notifications are limited and not like other modern smartwatches. Cogito Pop falls short in this respect. It has a camera control, music player and a phone finder and one best thing is that you don’t need to recharge it. It is definitely a plus side but you have to swap out the battery out after one year use. It is also waterproof. It becomes so convenient and you don’t need to take pain to recharge it after a few days like you do with other modern smartwatches. You can control camera through your watch to take photos but the function is pretty slow. It provides the functions to play and pause the music.

You can find your connected device and the watch starts to beep and vibrate if your device is getting out of the Bluetooth range. In the same way, you can also locate your watch by using your connected device.

Cogito Pop smartwatch review


Basically, Cogito Pop smartwatch performs very basic functions as far as other smartwatches are concerned. But as a watch, it is really useful. It has clear display and a very long battery life like the old times watches. If you like to purchase a simple, decent and elegant watch, Cogito Pop smartwatch really fits in your choice. I think it is appropriate for a specific group of people who don’t want anything unnecessary in their smartwatch. Like the people who are somehow in a serious kind of profession and don’t want to show off. Price of the watch is $130 and for me, it is a bit high as far as the functions are concerned. By spending an extra $20, you can get a smartwatch full of modern functions. It is good for people who like simple gadgets.


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