Garmin Vivo active smartwatch review

Garmin Vivo active smartwatch review

New models of smartwatches with various features are knocking the doors of market every day. If I am not wrong, trend of people has changed overtime and they are looking for more features compacted in small devices. Smartwatches rightly fit in this phenomenon, being lightweight, easy to use and occupying minimum space. On the other hand, features and functions of the modern smartwatches are becoming almost countless. Each company is trying hard to produce best models in terms of style, functions, applications and comfort. I think technology has yet to offer a lot in the coming years.

Garmin Vivo active smartwatch is one the best watches I have ever seen in my life. It is a complete stylish modern smartwatch enhancing the beauty of my wrist. This smartwatch not only tells me time but also helps me to keep updated and physically healthy by telling me my daily work out. The most important thing which I liked is that Garmin Vivo active comes in different models and colors, providing almost all kind of people luxury to choose a model according to their own needs. It is the most amazing aspect of Garmin Vivo active smartwatch.Garmin Vivo active smartwatch review

Let us discuss in detail about salient features of Garmin Vivo active smart watch:


The face of smartwatch is square. Screen resolution is 205 x 148 pixels. Band of the smartwatch is really comfortable and easy to wear. It is really thin about 8 mm and weight of the watch is 1.32 ounces.


It is full of applications and you will feel yourself like an athlete. It tells you approximately about each minute detail of your health related activities like how many steps you walked, distance covered and calories burned. Garmin Vivo active smartwatch has the built in applications of running, golfing, swimming and cycling. Sometimes, it looks like a sports coach. Amazingly, it also tells how well you slept last night. You can set your daily personalized goals. You can check notifications, important emails, phone calls and alerts. These alerts are just at a distance of a single swap of your finger. It has both the auto and wireless synchronization features. Heart rate monitor tells about the condition of your heart. You can find your phone by using its ‘find the phone’ feature. It is really easy to find all the features associated with your smartphone on your smartwatch. Phone calling, text messaging and other alerts are clearly displayed in the Garmin Vivo active smartwatch. It is easily readable in sunlight which is missing in many smart watches. So people have to put their palm on the watch to see the time. You can also personalize your Garmin Vivo active smartwatch by using the connect IQ feature on Garmin connect. It helps you to install additional applications and widgets which increase the utility of your watch. You can enjoy several applications apart from the built in applications of the Garmin Vivo active smartwatch. This feature also provides you different watch faces. So you will not get bored by constantly watching a single face of your watch. Garmin Vivo active smartwatch has a smooth touch screen along with a back light. Touch screen is very sensitive and works accurately. It is GPS enabled. Music player is very cool and you can control whole music system. In my opinion, feature wise, Garmin Vivo active smartwatch is truly fabulous.

Garmin Vivo active smartwatch review


Battery timing is really cool and it is up to 10 hours with GPS tracking while you are performing all kinds of functions with your Garmin Vivo active smartwatch. You don’t need to bother about your long working days because it has a long battery life. According to the manufacturers, battery life is up to three weeks and in my opinion it is true.

Bottom line

Garmin Vivo active smartwatch tells you all the things about your fitness plus all the necessary information which you want to get from your smart phone. So, it is a complete smartwatch which you must purchase. It is a blend of style, beauty and utility. $249 is not a big deal for this smartwatch.


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