haier smartwatch for kids

Haier SmartWatch – wearable technology for children, adults and pets

Haier SmartWatch – wearable technology for children, adults and pets

At the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2015, which is about to open its doors to visitors, expecting us and Haier smart watches SmartWatch (wearable gadgets) for humans, but also dogs.

We in Croatia Haier is known for high quality air conditioners, one of the best in the world. Otherwise, the company comes from China, and was founded in 1984, although the company’s history in other forms and goes back to 1920.

haier smartwatch for kids

Well, now we seem to recognize them for the production of smart watches. And not one of them. Haier SmartWatch will appear in multiple versions. How we see, there are three models in the game – for children, for adults and the other one we somehow the most close as smart watch for – dogs. How to say – something for everyone. All three smart hours have virtually the same functions, mainly differ in outward appearance.

Haier SmartWatch for children comes in vibrant colors, as you can see on the cover image – green, pink and black. The built-in OLED screen of 0.96 inches, the battery will hold up to two days, and it is convenient and it is waterproof up to 30 meters. It can be connected to the smart phone and send and receive messages and calls (has a built-in microphone and speaker), as well as a special SOS button red color that can be programmed in three different numbers, of course, in the event of an accident or any kind of problem.

This smart watch for children can be used as a tracking device, and has been implemented in conjunction with a special application that can “locate” the kids or even better – to notify you when you come out of the “safe zone” which you can define yourself. They say that data can also be saved and analyzed.

We would not be in the skin of these children, because it is installed and “Baby Monitor” that allows eavesdropping children, and you can hear all the kids talking. Oh, children, children, …

haier smartwatch for kids

Haier SmartWatch adult has all the features as the model for the children, which is different from the outward appearance (picture above). It also features the same OLED screen, then strap black or red. You must be wondering whether an eavesdropper (baby monitor), it is to us immediately came to mind. It is interesting, but it has. When this device is called “remote listening”, intended for example to children who can not summon senile parents in old age. Or can listen, who knows …

Finally, the last model is Haier SmartWatch pet , which you can see in the picture below. And this smart watch has crventu SOS button, and it serves for example if someone finds your lost pet, but you want him back. It is also built-in microphone and speaker, as well as “remote listening” eavesdropper, just do not know how to talk to the dogs, for example. And maybe you can.

Haier now has not released details on pricing and availability. The premiere is expected tomorrow at MWC 2015, and we believe that will be on sale during the month.


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