InWatch Z review

InWatch Z smartwatch review

InWatch Z smartwatch – A few years ago, people were curious about the size of cell phones. Now, technology has completed several milestones with the passage of time and dreams have been transformed into new inventions. InWatch Z is not just a smartwatch but it also provides all the essential elements to consider it a real smart cell phone. It is indeed a very unusual product due to its features. If you are crazy about gadgets, InWatch Z smartwatch should be the first choice for you. You don’t need to connect it to your cell phone and you don’t need to carry your cell phone everywhere. It makes your busy life a bit easy and comfortable. The manufacturers have squeezed the whole android cell phone in the size of a very elegant watch.

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Actually, it is like a 4.2 KitKat mobile phone along with the features of 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The screen is made by sapphire material and it is also waterproof. The screen is 1.6 inch sapphire crystal shape with 240 x 240 resolutions. It has GPS, Bluetooth, wifi, gravity sensor, accelerometer and magnetometer. It supports Google play and it is equipped with 580mAh battery. The weight is around 95 grams and it is a pretty light smartwatch with size of just 60x40x12 mm. It has a 5 MP camera on the top of strap. You can put micro SIM card on the left side of the watch. InWatch Z smartwatch has a USB cable and an adapter like clip which can be adjusted around the strap just below the camera to charge it.


The touch screen is very sensitive which is good for moving quickly around different applications within the smartwatch. There is a little button at the bottom of the screen which works as a back key. On-screen keypad is small but provides basic facility to type words. It has pedometer to count your steps while you are walking to stay fit. The camera takes somehow good pictures along with reasonable videos. You can get notifications, emails, messages, calls and almost all the things which you get from your mobile phone. As I mentioned earlier, it is surprisingly structured to perform all kind of mobile functions. You have many options to change its settings like brightness, silent mode, sound adjustments for different functions and the main display. You can enjoy music, watch videos, browse internet pages, make calls, and send messages and many other things. You can also watch word files like Excel, PPT, PDF and TXT.

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Entertainment and Music:

As it is compatible with Google play store, you can download all kinds of stuff like games. It also displays the maps which makes very easy to locate any location. One important feature is its bone conducting speaker which can convert the flat surface into a speaker. The sound is very clear and the quality is just awesome. If you place the strap on a surface, it will resonate and the resulting sound will be magnified and enhanced. It is a really amusing and amazing function.

The only thing which is not good about this watch is its user manual. It looks like a photocopied two pages and does not pose to be a professional one. However, we can ignore it because it is in its early stages and the manufacturers will definitely improve it.

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Battery life:

Battery life is also good and it can last up to one day while you are using SIM card and two to three days without SIM. Charging time is also fine; it takes about two hours to fully charge a dead battery. The other noticeable thing is that it does not get hot even if you are continuously watching videos or listening to music. You will not find any kind of warmth on your wrist while you are wearing InWatch Z smartwatch during all kinds of functions.

Concluding Remarks:

Overall it is a really good watch which you cannot resist purchasing. It is not as much expensive ($257.79) because it is paying back much more in terms of functions and features that it looks reasonable in price. It is easy to use and you will not bother about carrying your cell phone in the presence of your InWatch Z smartwatch.


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