LG Watch Urbane smartwatch review

LG Watch Urbane smartwatch review

LG Watch Urbane – An extraordinary addition to smartwatches

The new LG Watch Urbane is a blend of class and style. This watch is full of all the smart features and a modern and stylish look. The round face of the watch plus the stainless steel gold and silver colors enhances its overall beauty. Size of the smartwatch is perfect and it shines like a glooming star. I am not exaggerating LG Watch Urbane is really an amazing watch with a perfect look and it surely increases the charm of your personality.


The screen size is 1.3 inches round with P-OLED glass and it is readable both in the dark and bright sun.  Thickness of watch is 10.9mm and it is water and dust resistant IP 67 standards. It is well-shaped and a solid smartwatch. The stitched strap looks a bit old fashioned and seriously speaking, it does not suit the class of the watch but it is still very comfortable to use and wear so the comfort factor overlaps the style of the strap. People usually highlight the fact that it is too large for women but I feel it is the part of fashion and my girlfriend has one and it looks pretty around her wrist.

LG Watch Urbane smartwatch review


It has some basic features of Android Wear like the typical round shape, cards are popping up on the screen telling you details about different things and also the feature of offline music player and ‘Find my phone’. It can be connected to your smart phone through Wi-Fi. It provides the facility of Wi-Fi -to- smart phone connectivity which is very handy at some occasions. There are lots of applications available. One more important thing is that usage of application is so easy. Gesture control is a good feature and I like this when my both hands are not free. If you swiftly move your wrist forward, your screen will scroll down to show you important notifications. When you will move your wrist in the opposite direction, your cards will pop up. It is actually an experience of new era of technology and I liked it very much. For me, it is better than touching the screen and people will get familiar to it in the upcoming time. Text messaging and other features can also be controlled through voice commands. Voice commands have been improved in the LG Watch Urbane. Sometimes, it bothers me but overall it is a fine experience while talking to your smart Android Wear watch.

LG Watch Urbane also provides the option to choose low power watch faces to enhance the battery life. You can adjust brightness according to your requirements and what I noticed is that Gold model’s golden color sparks a lot in sunshine. However, it is pretty readable in bright sunshine.

What I feel wrong is that notification settings are controlled through your smart phone and you cannot adjust them through your smartwatch. It has a built in heart rate monitor at the back to tell you about your fitness. You can get Google Fit application to calculate things like steps taken, work outs and many more. Of course, fitness features don’t provide minute details because it is not a sport type smartwatch. But with Google Fit, you get all the necessary information.

LG Watch Urbane smartwatch review


LG Watch Urbane has 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor along with the 512MB of RAM.

Battery life

It has 410mAh battery and the battery life is really impressive. If you are using always on screen mode which dims after a few seconds, your battery will last for whole day. If you are using ambient mode in which you will have to tap your screen to turn it on, battery of the LG smartwatch will last for two days. Charger cradle is available to charge your watch and you can also charge your LG smart phone with the same charger and USB. It is small yet it is a benefit.

Bottom line

If you can afford, you must purchase LG Watch Urbane because it has all the features and functions to make tour life easy. What I like the most about this smartwatch is that it looks like a traditional glossy watch and it is also a smartwatch.



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