Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch review

Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch review

With the passage of time, trends are changing. New products are hitting the market scenario and leaving their trademarks. I always love to keep in touch what the technology offers in its latest innovations. Smartwatches are not only useful but they are also becoming stylish and modern. Mio Alpha 2 is one of the technically amazing watches I have ever used. It is yet another smartwatch with all kinds of modern features.

The manufacturing company of Mio Alpha 2 has developed several devices which are dedicated to sports and health monitoring activities. As I feel, it is primarily a fitness focused company and the same features are included in Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch. Let us see what actually Mio Alpha 2 offers:

Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch review


Apparently, it looks like a pure sports kind of smartwatch. The overall size of the smartwatch is 9.92 x 1.69 x 0.71 inches. It is pretty light weight only 1.87 ounces. It has a smooth front case and silicon strap which makes it a prominent and different smartwatch. The main screen is wide and curved. It has LCD display and two buttons integrated each on one side of the smartwatch. Mio use mineral glass to make the screen similar to other brands as an alternative to sapphire crystal glass. The important thing is that, it remains scratch less even after the use for years. It comes in different models. Silicon strap band is elastic and offers the freedom of movement and you can adjust it easily around your wrist. However, at the end of the strap, scabbing nubs are very sensitive and they get opened while they catch into the sleeves or any other kind of daily activity. It is water resistant and you can enjoy swimming while wearing your smartwatch. Size of the watch is quite large but it is not a big issue because it is somehow a sports monitoring smartwatch.

Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch aplications


It has a non-touch display screen and can remain active for the whole 24 hours. Even in the dark, you have to only tap the watch twice and the back light will become active. The left button tells the most recent work outs like running etc. By pressing and holding left button, you enter the setting menu where you can set things like time, date, weight, height etc. When you hold the right button, it tells you the heart beat in about only ten second’s time. The screen does not go dark while you are doing all your exercise and it is a real plus point. It has different colors of light flashing and telling you about the heart rate. Different colors show different heart rate zones. Your smartwatch tells you about fitness things like your shows your maximum heart rate and average, speed and pace. It describes all the things in the form of a chart so you can get a better understanding about your overall fitness. This is a really great thing for serious athletes to track down their overall performance. You can check things like calories burned, your speed, distance covered and many more things. Your whole day work out data can be stored in the smartwatch and it also provides the facility to transfer your data to other devices by using Mio Go smart phone application which is compatible with IOS and android devices. What lacks here is that your Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch does not tell you about your work out progress. It does not tell you about your weight loss or calories burned over the months. It has no GPS and also lacks some other features of sports watches.

Battery life

As far as battery life is concerned, it is really good. It lasts up to 4 hours when your Mio Alpha 2 smartwatch is calculating all kinds of work outs including heart rate and lasts up to three months when it is only in the watch mode.

Bottom line

For me, it is a real sports watch with all the minute information about your fitness. If you are fitness conscious or an athlete or want to become a sports man, Mio Alpha 2 is the best choice for you. You can get all the necessary information about your health and fitness on your wrist.


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