Moto 360 smartwatch review

With the changing trends in technology, companies are manufacturing smartwatches equipped with advanced functions and stylish appearances. When the Moto 360 was launched in the market, it received a mixed response from customers. At first look, its round appearance looks nice but not like other smartwatches in the market. It looks like the traditional watches not like modern dashing smartwatches. But anybody’s choice of gadgets does not merely depend on the looks but on the working capacity and utility. Moto 360 manufactured by Motorola Company with its round shape works pretty well. Let us take a cursory glance at its specifications:

Moto 360 smartwatch review


The strap of the smartwatch is flat and looks decent round the wrist and it is also very comfortable to wear for whole day. It has ten different strap styles and colors. Straps come in three types including metal, leather and slim metal band. There are three styles of cases including dark finish, light finish and Champaign gold finish. Moto 360 smartwatch is compatible with android 4.2 and above. Its size is 1.56’’ 320x 320 x 290, 205ppi. Smartwatch is equipped with LCD backlit display along with corning gorilla glass 3. Weight of the Moto 360 smartwatch differs according to different models like the weight of leather band model is 49 grams, 23 mm metal band model is 124 grams and 18 mm metal band model is 104 grams. 320mAh battery is installed in the watch. Battery life is up to one whole day for routine use. It also provides the facility of wireless charging with a charging dock. Smartwatch has a TI OMAP3 processor with 512 RAM and a memory of 4 GB as default for data storage. It has a built in Wi-Fi to get notifications and other necessary information. Other prominent things are pedometer and optical heart rate monitor. Moto 360 smartwatch is water resistant by IP 67 standards.


What I like about Motorola Company is that they made a smartwatch which is also wearable for women and not like other smartwatches which are only made for men. Resolution of the screen is 320 x 290pixels which is not very good as far as other smartwatches are concerned. The display is not too sharp and it is approximately impossible to read the screen in the bright sun. At the bottom of the screen, there is a ‘’dull’’ black space which people commonly refers to as flat tire. In fact, the entire screen does not have a complete LCD backlit illumination because there is a dull and black gap at the bottom of the screen which is actually ambient light sensor of the Moto 360 smartwatch. If you choose a dark colored model the spot is not visible but in the lighter colors, it is pretty prominent. The processor of the watch is also very slow. One more thing is that if you keep the watch on display mode, you may have to charge the battery even within a day’s time. You can keep it on dim light mode for longer use.

Moto 360 smartwatch review

The android wear feature provides you Google maps, emails, text messages on your wrist. However, the circular display sometimes make it difficult to read messages as they seem to be cut off at the ends due to circular shape. There are Motorola circular watch faces and other round elements in the android wear that are really cool.

The most important aspect which I like most is its charging process. You can charge your watch and it displays the time and charging percentage at the same time. It is really convenient. If your watch is connected to a wireless hotspot, you can get basic information even when your mobile phone is not with you. So, you don’t bother to carry a phone to get essential notifications and other minor details.

Moto 360 smartwatch review


Performance is really hit or miss. Sometimes, it is super smooth, totally fine and flawless but on other times it is not so good. As it is new software, it will get better with the passage of time. However, these flaws cannot over ride its salient features. But there are many things which make Moto 360 smartwatch the best you can get.


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