Nevo Watch review

Nevo Watch review

“That is a pleasant watch, not like some of those monstrous wellness trackers you ordinarily wear,” said a companion, as we sat down to supper while I had the Nevo Watch strapped on.

Much to her dismay that the Nevo is another Swiss development pressing simple watch (despite the fact that its made in China), with a payload of shrouded brilliant tech includes, the preferences I’ve seen from in the No.1 Smart.


In a few ways, the Nevo is more intelligent than both of those two gadgets. With wellness following smarts fabricated in, the Nevo will likewise cognizant you to cell phone warnings, which in a few ways helps it challenge any semblance of the Apple Watch and Android Wear gadgets for design cognizant purchasers.

In any case, does it match up? What’s more, is the fairly pricey £239.? We put it through its paces to discover.

Nevo Watch review

Nevo Watch: Design and components

Nevo watch review

The plain simple watch face is free from numbers, dates and notwithstanding marking, and makes for a sublimely moderate look that is tasteful and costly looking. The brand’s logo is only noticeable on closer assessment, yet the straightforwardness is hit into pattern.

The watch itself has a thin metal case that houses the Swiss development. The case swells underneath to house the accelerometer, sensors and Bluetooth chips, yet is shrewdly avoided view as it sits upon the wrist.

Nevo Watch review

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There are three physical buttons, the top which demonstrates your advancement towards your stride objective by lighting LEDs covered up at the hour scores, which utilize the 12 positions to offer a visual representation of the rate hit.

The center is a customary crown, and you haul it out to physically modify the hands. It’s grandly straightforward, and implies you don’t need to frustratingly combine the watch to change the time.

The base catch is utilized for Bluetooth matching – which tragically is a general event as you attempt to reforge an association between the Nevo and your cell phone.

As far as components, the Nevo does three things: it screens your every day steps, it tells you of action on your cell phone, and imperatively, lets you know the time and can be utilized as an alert.

Nevo Watch: Activity following

As a wellness tracker, the Nevo is to a great degree essential. While the site guarantees running, swimming and rest following, there are presently no procurements for these components in the present rendition of the application – so anybody hung up on those elements will need to trust they’ll land eventually.

You can set three levels of movement objective (light, direct and concentrated) and it screens your advancement on your way to these numbers. You can adjust these levels to any number of every day steps just by tapping the alter catch.

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While overall, steps were inline with the Jawbone UP2 we tried against, the application is a standout amongst the most fundamental we’ve ever utilized. You can just perceive what number of steps you’ve tackled a given day, so there’s no examination of your week by week or month to month execution, and there are no charts or graphs to take a gander at.

For some this straightforwardness may be alluring. Nevo illuminates you of your day by day steps and offers familiarity with how calm you’ve been – yet elective trackers offer a lot more.

Nevo Watch review

Nevo Watch: Notifications

The Nevo observe likewise takes a basic way to deal with telling you of messages, social alarms and messages.

At the point when something happens on your cell phone – a call, SMS, email, Facebook, – the Nevo vibrates and demonstrates a hued LED, which again is put around the watch face. There’s no perusing or reviews accessible – the Nevo has no screen – yet you can modify the shading of diverse alarms from inside of the application.

You can likewise kill the warning sorts and on, so you must be cautioned to calls and SMS, while disregarding less vital Facebook messages, for instance.

It’s a respectable framework for the individuals who need to be more joined with vital messages. The Nevo had a tendency to buzz with any warning on our cell phone, so outsider applications not recorded above are catered for, but rather in the fortnight we spent testing, we never truly got to grasps with picking between notice sorts. Toning it down would be ideal, which is a mantra that is consistently rehashed over the Nevo.

Nevo Watch: Hardware

While tech specs on the Nevo are insignificant – one great detail is its battery life. Utilizing a swappable watch battery, the Nevo will most recent six months between changes for brilliant elements – yet cunningly, there’s a second battery, which keeps that Swiss development controlled – offering 5 years of timekeeping.

Nevo Watch review

This trumps the Withings, which is all fueled from a solitary battery, and implies that on the day the shrewd elements pass on, the watch is still usable until you get round to swapping out the battery.

The Nevo is an incredible looking watch which is a joy to wear, and seepages authentic style. It’s a watch first and a wearable second. For those hoping to get an outline of their day by day action and essential brilliant components, it does simply enough. Notwithstanding, with clear elements missing, we delighted in utilizing the more element rich Mondaine and Withings Activité a ton more.

Good +

  • Extraordinary outline
  • Quality strap
  • Two batteries

Bad –

  • Excessively shortsighted
  • Dropped association over and over again

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