No1 G2 review

No.1 G2 SmartWatch review – very elegant smart clock for a reasonable price

No.1 G2 smartwatch comes in a beautiful packing consisting of a USB data cable for data transfer and a charging cradle which you can clip on the watch to charge it.


The build quality of the smartwatch is really impressive and amazing. Stainless steel body and home button increases its attraction and beauty. It has adjustable strap for easy wearing. The strap has stainless steel endings to fasten just like the Galaxy Gear 2. The lock to open and close the strap is really easy to use. You can adjust them to make the strap small or large. When you actually wear it, it looks like a businessman watch not like other smartwatches.Specifications

As far as the specification of the No.1 G2 smartwatch are concerned, this watch has 1.54 inch capacitive TFT display with a 240x 240 screen resolution but it is not an IPS display. TFT technology is old and you may have viewing issues. No.1 G2 smartwatch is equipped with Mediatek MT2502A processing chipset along with 4.5 MB internal storage capacity plus 32 MB RAM to store data. It has a battery of 350 mAh and you can fully charge it just within half an hour. It is protected by sapphire glass which is waterproof by IP 67 standards. No.1 G2 smartwatch has Bluetooth to connect to a cell phone but the facility of WIFI is not available. It has integrated microphone and speaker that are really nice.

No1 G2 review


On the lower side of watch, there is an integrated camera; however the quality of camera is not very good, it is also very leggy. However, it is a good feature for a smartwatch at its beginning period. If you want to take some quick shots, the camera is pretty OK for that purpose. You can also control camera of your smartwatch through your phone and it is a very handy feature. It also comes with the feature of images and videos viewer.

The screen looks good but it has issues when you see the watch at an angle. Screen is not 100% aligned to use the touch system, it has some pressure areas. No.1 G2 smartwatch is not pairable with IOS devices because they don’t support Mediatek smart device application. This is for android only and it works pretty well when paired with android devices. You just have to download Mediatek smart device application on your android device and connect it through Bluetooth to your No.1 G2 smartwatch. You can easily install applications of your cell phone to your smartwatch. You can get all the notification alerts on your smartwatch.

No1 G2 review

It has some interesting functions such as heart beat sensor and pedometer which are really good for a relatively cheap smartwatch. Pedometer works accurately to measure the calories burned. It can also calculate the number of steps taken as well as the speed. It has a sleep monitor to tell you how are the quality of your sleeping. You can receive and make phone call through No.1 G2 smartwatch and the sound is very clear. You can enjoy talking to anybody without using your cell phone. Speaker and microphone works really well. However, it does not have the feature of SIM card slot, so you will have to connect it to a cell phone to make phone calls. You can also receive text messages on your watch. Basically, you can perform all the essential things by using your sleep monitor. You can listen to music but unfortunately if you love to listen to music via head phones, this watch does not support this feature.

No1 G2 review

Battery life is one day when it is connected through Bluetooth and two to three days when you are not using the Bluetooth connectivity. It is somehow reasonable battery life but not too good.

The most useful and important feature is that No.1 G2 smartwatch starts to beep if you go 10 meters away from your cell phone. In this way, you cannot forget your phone anywhere.

Bottom line:

All in all, build quality is thumps up and the default features are nice and useful. It is comparatively a cheap watch (57.99$) but the functions are sufficient in this price. It is a good choice if you are looking for a smartwatch in a reasonable price.No1 G2 review

No.1 G2 Bluetooth SmartWatch – hardware configuration:
– PRODUCT TYPE: smart watch
– Dimensions: 36.9 x 58.4 x 10.0 mm
– WEIGHT: 41 grams
– PROCESSOR: MediaTek 2502
– CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth 4.0
– SCREEN: 1.53 inches (3.91 centimeters), 240 x 240 pixels, TFT, protected by a sapphire glass (9H)
– RAM: 32 MB
– Internal Memory: 128 MB
– Camera: 2 MP (photos, video)
– GPS: not supported
– Battery: 350 mAh
– AUDIO: Speaker, Microphone
– EXTRAS: waterproof, dust proof, heart rate sensor, a pedometer (step sensor, g-sensor), infrared sensor …
– Colors: black, brown, light brown, red, orange, orange + white, gold, black + white, brown + gold, silver + gold
– IN THE PACKAGE: smart clock, USB cable, power adapter, manual in English

+ Very robust and high-quality design
+ Screen is quite clearly visible in daylight
+ Simple, stable and fast work
+ Infrared sensor (TV, air conditioning), camera
+ Price

Not so good 🙂
– The menu is a bit chaotic
– Only four clock looks
– Small internal memory (128 MB) without the possibility of extension
– Need to install additional applications to gain full functionality



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