Omate X review

Omate x review

Omate X has brought something new about the experience of smartwatch. This is a true smartwatch. It is basically a self-contained tiny android smart phone that has been beautifully manufactured to easily fit on a wrist. Even though, it is undeniably chunky, it is very comfortable to wear.


The smartwatch is itself made up of lightweight metal and it does not weight too much either. On the left side of smartwatch, there is a flap where we can insert the SIM card and above it, there is a hole for the microphone. On the right side, there are two buttons. On the strap, you can find its speaker. You can also increase the internal memory by putting a memory card on the inner side of the smartwatch. This slot can also be used to connect USB for data transfer and charging. The screen is 4.5 inches square and the resolution of the screen is 240 x 240. It has also the feature of 3-axis accelerometer. The Bluetooth pairing is functional with both the android and IOS7. It is also equipped with GPS technology. It has a black leather strap for convenient fitting. You can also use any 22mm watch strap for your personal ease and it provides you the opportunity to extend your choice along with adapting new upcoming fashions and styles.

Omate X - keyboard


On the top of right side, you can see a button and by pushing this, the touch screen display of Omate x will become active. If you drag down the touch screen, applications will appear on the screen. You can move right to left by using touch screen to see all the applications. Omate X has applications like Twitter, news and also Google maps which provide a luxury to get information, news, socialization and many more. There is also the function of keyboard to type the text you want. However, it is a bit tough to type on the on-screen keyboard and requires a little more concentration and effort. Ideally, you can type a couple of words because it is not so quick to type long messages. You can make phone calls which is a very pleasant experience as far as a smartwatch is concerned. On the entertainment side, you can enjoy music, web browsing and even playing games. Overall, the applications of Omate X provide a complete package. It has a very strong battery and you can enjoy videos for more than one hour on a fully charged battery and on normal use you can get one week. It is a good source to enjoy your leisure time.

Omate X - wrist


It has also typical features like stopwatch, alarm and pedometer by default. The best thing about Omate X is that you can easily change its settings according to your own needs. You can set ring tones, vibration and levels of sound for different functions like alarm, incoming call and notification alerts. You can also make adjustments to the screen like brightness levels and the time for the screen to automatically switch off after some specific time while your watch remains idle. You can easily pair up your Omate X smartwatch with any android or IOS device and you can get alerts such as incoming calls, important reminders, news, text messages, social media updates and many more. You will have not to bother about constantly checking your cell phone for these details. Your smartwatch will provide you all the desired information instantly without any problem. The sound quality for calls is very clear and you can easily enjoy talking to anybody via your Omate X smartwatch.

Omate X

There are some issues which are noticeable. For instance, it becomes hard to see the screen from side view or in the bright sun, it becomes reflective. The screen normally remains idle and you will have to push the right side button to switch the screen on every time. It becomes annoying and looks like you are wearing a simple black strap around your wrist. You can not turn the watch on or off while charging it.

Omate X - features

Concluding Remarks:

Over and above this, Omate X smartwatch provides all the features in a really reasonable price (150$). Omate is presenting new innovations in the industry and Omate X is one of the best among them. It is a good watch to purchase with elegant and decent design.

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