Pebble smartwatch review

Pebble smartwatch review

Pebble is progressing neck to neck with its rivals Android Wear and Apple. It is making tremendous progress both in the technology and the style. Plus point of its color e-paper technology helps to see the screen in the bright sunlight. Battery life is seven days. These features distinguish it from its rivals. You can easily use the applications in Pebble smartwatch and you can get required information quickly. Voice replying facility also enhances its utility. Style and features make it a complete modern smartwatch.


Size of the watch is 40.5 x 37.5 mm which is reasonable as compared to other large and bulky smartwatches. The stainless steel surrounding around the case give it a decent and elegant look. There are several functions but you have to connect your watch to your Android or IOS device to get the pebble applications installed. Once you install it, you can enjoy unlimited applications and functions. The new firmware function has some amazing features like activity tracker and quick start options. The second option enhances its capability to compete its rivals. You can download eight different screen styles from pebble application. The applications include complex functions like Wi-Fi to the simplest functions of browsing e bay. You can get all essential things like notifications, emails, text messages, and incoming calls directly on your smartwatch. However, you cannot perform many functions but some simple functions like discarding your text messages. But, there is a huge shortcoming, no touch screen. I think it is not good at all. However, we can justify it by saying that touch screen is little annoying for a very small screen but it is not a reasonable answer as far as I am concerned. The reason behind my objection is that competitors of Pebble are making all the touch screen models, so it becomes a bit wrong image in sense of competition in the market where the technology is changing every day. You cannot even do functions like voice commands in the pebble smartwatch. On the other side, we can think that people like decency, simplicity and sophistication. So, you should not worry about the touch screen. Pebble smartwatch keeps the things simple and we suggest that it is Pebble’s strong point.

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Screen colors are not also bright like Apple watches; these are somehow dull and dark. Resolution of screen is low and you can just identify individual functions and it is not bright enough even when you shake your wrist to light up its backlight. When you press the up button, the features of calendar and weather conditions appear on the screen. You can press the down button to get the notifications and other information. You can also enjoy ESPN on your Pebble smartwatch.Pebble smartwatch review

Long Battery Life

The main plus point is the long battery life of the Pebble smartwatch. If you get irritated by repeated charging process, Pebble is the best watch for you. Otherwise, these modern smartwatches demand the charging process at least once a day. You are constantly charging laptops, mobile phones etc throughout the day, so it is sometimes unfair to charge your smartwatch daily. This feature distinguishes Pebble smartwatch from its competitors.



Many smartwatches are coming in the market with different and modern features, and in this situation, Pebble smartwatch is winning the race even with its simple and modest features. Over and above this, people like Pebble and its customers are increasing constantly. So, there is definitely something to offer and that is its decency and elegance and especially simple handling of systems.

As far as the price of Pebble smartwatch is concerned, it is a bit on higher side. The reason is that it offers fewer functions in this price as compared to the latest models Pebble smartwatch reviewof its competitors. It is catching up the Apple watch in terms of price and higher than other smartwatches in the market. You can purchase Pebble smartwatch for its positive points like long battery life, long time display and comfortable application handling. If you are looking for some smartness, Pebble smartwatch is a good choice for you.


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