Samsung Gear S review

Samsung Gear S smartwatch review

Frankly speaking, if I say that Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch, it is only like scratching the surface. The Samsung Gear S is more like a bracelet than a strap band and functionally it is smarter phone than a smartwatch. Does it deserve to get a spot on your wrist so let us discuss its features and functions in detail?



The Samsung Gear S is larger than any other smartwatch in the market. It is also surprisingly light weight. This is quite different from the Android Wear or the fitness oriented one. This is a unique model of smartwatch if you compare with other models of Samsung smartwatches. There is nothing special about its band but it does its job well. The locking process is smooth and matt black rubber of the band enhances its comfort. Different colors and bangle design is also available. In daily use, you will feel the presence of your watch especially during performing functions such as typing or anything similar. It still slides beneath your sleeves with relatively ease. The real centre piece of the hardware is the removable is the water resistant body of the watch. Display is 480 x 360 resolutions. It is equipped with ambient light sensor and UV detector. The heart beat sensor and charging pins are present under the watch. Samsung Gear S smartwatch has a portable charging cradle and it is charged through the pins present at the bottom of the watch. You can also charge the cradle via micro USB cable. It has a built in 350mAh battery which is sufficient for normal use and you don’t have to bother carrying charger everywhere along the watch. It has a 1GHZ dual core processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB built in internal memory, gyroscope, accelerometer, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and a 3 G modem. It makes Samsung Gear S smartwatch a complete package of modern technology.

Samsung Gear S review


The display is two inch curved AMOLED along with metal sides. It looks like Samsung Galaxy S5 and you will feel like the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been shaped into a watch. The curved displays are convenient and Samsung Gear S smartwatch proves this point. It reduces the apparent appearance of the smartwatch and also brings futuristic taste in the watch. Display is large and vibrant and adjusts the light automatically. If you get around bright days, the super reflective screen is easily readable. The single key at the bottom of screen performs the functions of home key and power standby. It is a very clever implementation and I would like to see it on more devices. Pressing the button opens up the main functions on the watch and you can easily scroll down to see all the functions. As it is gear based, you can move the screen down for setting, up from the bottom for applications, left to right for notifications and right to left for home screen. Inside the app you can go back by swapping down from the top.

Samsung Gear S review

There is no camera but apart from that you can perform all things which you can do with your smart phone. From simple calendar to clock, you can perform things like browsing and searching on Google maps. But due to complexity or overburden of functions, you will have to back to two to three steps to find your previous setting like if you put a timer and you come back to main screen, you will have to take three steps back to check your timer. You can set brightness, volume adjustments, phone calls and text messaging with your Samsung Gear S smartwatch.


For me, it is a complete smartwatch I have ever experienced. It provides me all the necessary functions right on my wrist. Even I don’t need to carry my smart phone in presence of my watch. It is very easy to perform functions like checking my emails and notifications. Over and above this, it is stylish and fancy like no other. As far as the price is concerned, it is not a big deal due to a lot of functions and applications that Samsung Gear S smartwatch offers. For me $350 is a reasonable price for a smartwatch of this class.



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