Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 review – best smart watch for your money

Samsung Gear S2 review – best smart watch for your money

Samsung Gear S2 is a desirable and intuitive smart watch. It has the sleek and durable design with several options that meet the variety of needs. The smart watch has swatch –like looks with the ability to play very nice with rival Android Smartphones. Samsung gear feels and looks beautiful, and it has Tizen which allows easy navigation than other smart watches Operating Systems. Its size is most suitable for all users and impressive battery life.


The Samsung Gear S2 comes with a sporty look. It has three versions such as the Gear S2 classic, the standard Gear S2, and the Gear S2 3G.The Gear S2 has the sporty and regular look, and Gear S2 classic has traditional looks while Gear S2 3G has the same looks with the standard Gear S2. All these devices are identical, but Gear S2 3G has the speaker for making calls, larger battery, GPS, and e-SIM. They have bezels that rotate which are used for navigating the Tizen interface. Standard Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic are made of metal.However the Gear S2 Classic is lighter and thinner has compared to standard Gear S2.

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Gear S2 classic has the leather strap that is buckle with a pin-eject device. The standard Gear S2 has a band that can easily pop off, and it is chunky for it to house the connection apparatus, gorilla glass panel that has the heart-rate sensor in its middle and it is surrounded by stainless steel. They are both certified with WI-FI and NFC Features. They can be connected via Bluetooth. The Gear 3 G has for receiving and making calls.


The Gear S2 is equipped with 1 GHZ processor under the hood and RAM of 512 MB. It works with Android device and standard Google Applications such text messages and dialer. The version of the watch also is S health oriented. Its hardware has sensors such as the heart-rate monitor that works perfectly. It also has sensors like accelerometer, ambient light sensor, barometer, and gyroscope. The Gear S2 also has 1 GHZ Central Processing Unit with internal storage of 4 GB. It has also had amazing and stable Tizen. You should connect on your phone when you need Wi-Fi it does not automatically connect.


The size of the screen is 1.2 inches. It is AMOLED, vivid, sharp and bright display. The Gear s2 screen has 360n by 360 pixels density with 302 ppi. It is also pinned sharp as Apple watch. It is endowed with easily readable settings, and it can go to ravishing.

Battery Life And Charging

The Samsung Gear S2 is powered by 250 mAh battery. It goes up to 33 hours before the battery is off after charging with occasional WI-FI connection. You should set the brightness for about five and use black watch face. It has power saving mode with a nice little wireless charging cradle. When the WI-FI is switched off, it reduces brightness up to 2-4.The longest time it can last is three days before you recharge again.

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The Samsung Gear S2 is the most appealing smart watch with numerous and excellent features. It has Tizen apps and Google apps.It comes with a standard price of $300-$350 which is pretty depending on its caliber of the smartwatch.


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