Smartwatch 3 vs Moto 360

Smartwatch 3 vs. Moto 360 Witch to buy?

No doubt about it, smartwatches are quickly become a stylish and useful accessory and complement to today’s smartphones. Today we’re going to be looking at the specs of the Sony Smartwatch 3 vs. Motorola Moto 360, two prominent entries in this new and exciting product line.

 Smartwatch 3 vs. Moto 360: Appearance

The first and most obvious difference between the two is in the exterior design of the smartwatches. The Moto 360 on the face of it looks more like a traditional watch, with the standard analog clock face as the default and surrounded by a stainless steel case and real leather band. Sony’s Smartwatch 3 on the other hand seems to be appealing to a younger crowd, features a digital display and is bound by rubber straps which can be purchased in different colors. Both have an option to change the appearance of the watch face to the user’s liking, and you can download face templates for both. The customer will ultimately decide which is more appealing, as they both have a unique style of their own.

 Smartwatch 3 vs. Moto 360: Display

Here the Sony Smartwatch 3 wins, but only by a small margin. The Smartwatch 3 features a 1.6 inch LCD display which is slightly larger than the Moto 360’s 1.56 inch LCD. It also features a 320×320 resolution with 278 PPI (pixels per inch), just edging out the Moto 360’s 320×290 with 205 PPI. Users will probably a slight increase in display quality with the Smartphone 3, but not enough to really distinguish the two drastically from each other.


Smartwatch 3 vs Moto 360

Smartwatch 3 vs. Moto 360: Processor, Battery and Memory

Here there is a bigger difference. Sony opted for a more traditional quad-core ARM processor that clocks in at 1.2 GHz, whereas Motorola opted for the OMAP 3 by Texas Instruments. Both perform operations smoothly, but the Smartwatch 3 is the clear winner in terms of speed. As for the battery, Smartwatch 3 wins by a huge margin, sporting a 420mAh non-removable battery to the Moto 360’s 320mAh, something to consider if one spends a good deal of time away from a charger. The Moto 360 does feature built-in wireless charging however, giving it a slight advantage to users who like that feature. Both smartwatches are equivalent in terms of terms of memory, featuring 512MB of RAM and and 4GB of storage space.


Smartwatch 3 vs. Moto 360: Extras

Here the similarities are common, as both include features considered standard to smartwatches. They are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible, they both have a pedometer and an ambient light sensor. They both require a device that supports Android 4.3 and above. The only features that distinguish these two is that the Moto 360 has an optical heart rate monitor whereas the Smartwatch 3 does not, and the Sony Smartwatch 3 has NFC capability (near field communication for wireless payment) which the Moto 360 does not support.

Smartwatch 3 vs. Moto 360: The Verdict

So which smartwatch should you purchase? If speed and battery life are your biggest concerns and you use NFC frequently, you should probably consider the Smartwatch 3. If the Moto 360’s inferiority in those areas is not a real concern, it is also a very stylish watch that looks great and functions well. Both are exciting examples of the new innovations that are to come in the fresh field of smartphone accessories.

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