Smartwatch or Fitness band?

As great milestones are achieved in the field of science and technology on each subsequent day, the resultant ripple effects from the technological advancement are also felt in the wearable tech market. Judging from what we have been able to see so far, we can all attest to the fact that we are going to see more and more complex devices as time goes by. Currently, there are two devices that have continued to win over the hearts of many people in the wearable technology market; smartwatches and fitness bands.

On one hand a smartwatch presents the user with the opportunity to access his or her smartphone notifications, while on the other hand fitness bands presents the user with accurate biometric readings. Hence, choosing between a smartwatch and a fitness band is usually a daunting task for those who might be looking for acquire any one of these wearable devices but have little knowledge about the features that each has to offer. All in all, which is superior, smartwatch or fitness band

Smart Watches


Unlike fitness bands which are dedicated entirely to fitness, a smartwatch is slightly similar to a smart phone, offering the user a wide range of applications to choose from. Generally, smartwatches are usually amalgamated with a small touch display screen which has been designed in a similar fashion as that of a smart phone. In addition, the internal hardware of most smart phones is usually highly sophisticated and normally includes a powerful processing unit and a significant amount of memory which is then used to run very powerful applications. Finally, all smartwatches have been integrated with a native app which allows the user to transfer data back and forth from the smartwatch to the smart phone then back.

Fitness Bands


Instead of employing the use of touchscreens, most display bands are designed with OLED screens which are usually controlled by a small number of physical buttons. These OLED screens are usually used to show the user, tracked information such as the number of calories burned or the miles jogged.

In addition, the internal hardware of all fitness bands is very different to that of smartwatches. Most fitness bands also do not have significant amounts of internal storage space like smartwatches, while others are usually not allocated any. Finally, all fitness related devices do not support native applications. This is turn means that you may be able to transfer data from fitness bands to the smart phones but you will not be able to install any application directly into the fitness bands.

Due to the fact that most fitness bands do not have the same features as smartwatches, their pricing is usually slightly lower. In addition, you will also be able to find fitness bands that are either made of plastic or rubber, which in turn implies that fitness bands are usually made from a number of materials.


From what we have seen, the versatility of the smartwatch is something that up to this date, all fitness bands are yet to offer. Apart from offering the user the ability to transfer data from their smartwatches to their smartphones, they also present the user with the chance to install new applications that never existed before. The versatility, user friendly interface and the powerful processing unit is what makes the smartwatch, a force to reckon with.

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