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Smartwatches with Greatest Battery Life

If you haven’t been living under a rock this past year, you should know a thing or two about the smartwatch. But if this information is something you didn’t get, or if you only know a little bit, here is what a smartwatch is.

A regular watch sits on your wrist, tells time, and has a variable set of features like being water resistant or having a digital or analog face. It doesn’t do much more than tell the time, though sometimes it can be known to tell you which cardinal direction you’re facing or what day it is. In short, they didn’t do much. The smartwatch, on the other hand, does a lot. The capabilities vary from smartwatch to smartwatch, but today we will look at the smartwatches with greatest battery life.

The smartwatches with greatest battery life are as follows:

Classic by Cogito

Classic by Cogito

This smartwatch claims a battery life of 365 days. That’s an entire year on one charge. The Classic by Cogito is compatible with both Android version 4.3+ but iOS 7+ as well. It has notifications for calendar, email, facebook, Instagram, missed call, low battery, text, and twitter but it only has a view icon mode. It can notify you through sound or vibration and you can control your music with it. The smartwatch also comes with a “find my phone” feature just in case you lose it.

Cookoo and Cookoo 2 by ConnecteDevice

Cookoo and Cookoo 2 by ConnecteDevice

Both these devices are the next best in terms of battery life at 274 days and 184 days, respectively. The Cookoo original has a water resistance of 50m whereas the Cookoo 2 can go to 100m. The Cookoo 1 is only compatible with iOS 5+ and has limited functionality whereas the Cookoo 2 is able to connect with Android 4.3+ and iOS 8+ though it still has very limited functionality and is a view icon only kind of notification.

SmartWatch by SpeedUp

SmartWatch by SpeedUp

Now we’re getting into drastically lower, and more reasonable, battery life. The SmartWatch by SpeedUp lasts an average of 20 days between charges. It has compatibility with both Android 4.0+ and iOS 7+ which seems to be very common among smartwatches. Amazingly, the SmartWatch has less functionality than the Classic by Cogito despite the large change in average battery life. One important feature, though, is that it has a pedometer, touch screen, and can show you the weather.


Most other generic smartwatches last between five and seven days, including the Pebble smartwatch. The more technically advanced you get, the less battery life. The question is are you willing to trade functionality for battery? Apple Watch lasts only 18 hours but has access to plenty of apps whereas the Samsung Gear 2 lasts for 2 days. In that battle it’s more of a “which OS do you want to use.”


It’s important to note that all times are an estimation based on provided averages. It is what the manufacturer claims, so your results depend on how often you use the device and what for. Generally speaking lower better equals more stuff but this is not always the case. If you do not need a special name brand watch you may want to go for one of the ones listed here as they are the smartwatches with greatest battery life.

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