Sony smartwatch 4

Sony smart watch 4 – release date, news and specifications

According to some authentic sources, Sony is going to introduce new Sony smartwatch 4 at the end of this year. Probably, the launch date will be around November 2015. People are making different speculations about features, design, applications and functions of new smartwatch of Sony. Since Sony has always introduced technologically and performance wise best devices in the market so it is clear that new smartwatch would definitely be a masterpiece. Let us see what is in the news about Sony smartwatch 4.


As far as the design is concerned, Sony is not going to make any big change or modification. It will retain square display but there will be a change in the thickness of the smartwatch. It will be sleeker and thinner. Overall the design will be better than previous models. It will be available in silver, gold and black colors.


According to news, Sony will include the features of personal data plan and 4G compatibility in its upcoming smartwatch. It will provide the facility to use the watch independently of a smart phone. You will not have to pair your Sony smart watch 4 with your smart phone to access high speed network. Sony smartwatch 4 will be able to send and receive text messages and phone calls without pairing to a smart phone. It is in the news that stand alone feature will cost you $10/month for the data line. For me, it is not an expensive deal. You will get high speed internet browsing right on your wrist through Wi-Fi connection. Features of Sony fitness and Sony smart band 2 are also included. You will enjoy familiar functions with much ease and comfort. Access to different application would be much easier than compared to previous versions.

Sony smartwatch 4


On the hardware side, Sony smartwatch 4 will be equipped with 5” Gorilla Glass 4 LCD display. The overall resolution would be better than earlier. On the processor and storage capacity it will include 4GB storage, 512MB RAM and GHZ Quad-Core processor. There will be also GPS, HR and pedometer facilities in the smartwatch. Sony smartwatch 4 will be dust and water proof. Some new sensors will also be a part of the watch.


The excellent battery life of the Sony smart watch 3 will be further increased by introducing a larger battery. This time 420 mAh battery will be integrated in the latest version along with the wireless charger. This will increase the usage timing and overall performance of the smartwatch.

Sony smartwatch 4 back


The price of the watch is expected about $350.

Bottom Line

Sony smart watch 4 will definitely be a better watch and it will prove a great success like previous models. I am already much excited about the upcoming Sony smart watch4.

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