Sony SmartWatch 3 review

Sony SmartWatch 3 Review

I’ve just had the opportunity to get my hands on the SmartWatch 3 by Sony, and with the stainless steel update and the comprehensive GPS system, it may just be one of the more exciting models I’ve reviewed so far. 

The SmartWatch 3 is square in design, not unlike an Apple Watch in form. It’s very smooth, very sleek edges, and fits nicely on the wrist. The watch itself is not overly huge, maybe about 40 mm and fairly light and thin. The clasp on the band is simple, easy to remove and take off, and overall clean-looking. The band was previously only made out of rubber and pretty dorky, high-tech looking, but the new all-metal design creates a much more elegant look. The rubber version does tend to collect quite a lot of lint and dust, but it is form-fitting and comfortable. The stainless steel, on the hand, is a bit more weighty and uses the link system to achieve a custom fit. For the links I would recommend getting it professionally fitted, as the pins are delicate and easily damaged like most classic link watch straps. For both designs, the band is removable and it’s nice to have the option to change the look and go from the formal stainless steel to the sporty rubber band. 

Sony SmartWatch 3 review

Pair the comfortable rubber of the band and the integrated GPS system and you’ve got a great athletic watch. Although it does only work with a handful of apps, including Google MyTracks app and now with the new RunKeeper app update to include GPS support for Android wearables, RunKeeper. The GPS tracking is impressive in that it keeps up with your pace accurately without having to lug around a smartphone. 

There are several other great features of the Sony SmartWatch 3, one of which is that it’s waterproof with an IP68 rating, meaning that you can go approximately 2M deep for an hour. Also included is a micro USB charger with about a day or two of average use, using a 420mAh battery, which is one of the larger batteries on Android SmartWatches to date. The SmartWatch 3 has an extremely secure connection at the bottom of the watch, but especially with the stainless steel band, it can be quite awkward and stiff to connect properly. 

It does have 4 GBs of on-board storage, which is great for loading music onto the SmartWatch 3 via Bluetooth for later runs. Powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz Arm A7 processor it won’t make any app stutter, but there also aren’t a lot of options when it comes to apps, which is unfortunate because with the built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC chip, there’s a lot of apps that could be utilized, like Google Wallet. The release date was in the beginning of the year, and with constant updates in Android Wearables, we’re sure to see more compatible apps fairly soon. 

The notification system works, though like other Android Wear models, it’s a work in progress. The microphone and Google voice integration are seamless, making it easy to play songs with only vocal commands. The screen itself, however, a 1.6 inch, 320 x 320 LCD does not compare to the screens of other Sony devices and lags behind other SmartWatch models. 

Sony SmartWatch 3 review

The quality of the Sony SmartWatch 3 is overall extremely satisfactory and the continual updates give it a great leeway in the future of Android Wearables.

The SW3 raises the stakes with regards to waterproofing. The various Android Wear models, beside the Asus ZenWatch (which can just deal with an IP55 rating), are IP67 evaluated – significance they can most recent 30 minutes in water at a profundity of 1m. Sony’s exertion has an IP68 rating, so you can go twofold the profundity for twofold the time without harm, which will ideally empower swimming elements later on.

Sony SmartWatch 3 review

The Sony SmartWatch 3 may not be the most attractive Android Wear gadget so far – that respect fits in with the LG G Watch R – however its by a long shot the most helpful. Its configuration may be really unsuitable and the presentation is genuinely average yet the usefulness managed by the GPS is unrivaled in the Google smartwatch stadium and the battery life is obviously better than we’ve seen on any of the Sony’s opponents. We should simply trust that application designers spruce up their offerings soon to take advantage of the SmartWatch 3’s USP.

+ Good

  • GPS integration
  • Nice battery life
  • Simple Micro USB
  • Incredible waterproof rating

– Bad

  • Screen is average
  • Elastic strap feels somewhat shoddy
  • No heart rate checking
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