UWatch U8 Pro Smartwatch

UWatch U8 Pro SmartWatch review – smartwatch for little money

If you want to show yourself in front of your mates with new smart watch, and do not want to spend a lot of money, your choice will be exactly this – UWatch U8 Pro. Beautiful, powerful, stylish, waterproof.

This smartwatch can do so much. We bought it at the advice of a friend that we were constantly reminded with the idea of ​​buying smartwatch, but not some of Samsung, LG or another brutally expensive smartwatch that will be commonly used to see what time it is. He asked us what would be a good buy – smartwatch with which you can make phone calls, that has a beautiful design, and comes for a very good price.

At first, this is an impossible mission. We did not know what to say to him, so we decided to turn to our friends from China. And we have already received a response the next day that “some” The U8 Watch Pro Smartwatch is selling like crazy, by itself and without any advertising. True, they’ve intrigued us and of course we were interested in what kind smartwatch is it. We did not waste any time and we bought it. Do you know when? Back in December 2014, and to this day we are playing with it. Since this was, for us, a relatively new category back then, we wanted to get away from it all and find out that you really can do all that is written in the brochures.

UWatch U8 Pro Smartwatch

Indeed we have thoroughly tested and we can confirm that our Chinese friends were not lying. If you wanted a cheap, pretty good and practical smartwatch, then it is UWatch U8 Pro. This device is selling incredibly fast and we can not understand how the Chinese managed to put so much in such a small price.

Otherwise, this is the successor to the smartwatch, the UWatch U8 Pro who was extremely popular in China. Producers have decided to go one step further and make a better successor and extend it globally. The SmartWatch U8 Pro looks like a real clock and behaves so, but it’s “smart” feature turns it into a little technological marvel on your wrist, which can compete with a lot more expensive smartwatches.

For example, very easily connects to all Android and iOS smart phones via Bluetooth, practically works with all devices that have Bluetooth. With this smartwatch you can control some functions of the smartphone, but we’ll get to that later.

Let’s first take a look in the box and see that everything is in the box.

What’s in the box?

In the lovely and small white box is our U8 Watch Pro Smartwatch. We took the black color model, and you can also choose from white and the red model. In the box you’ll find instructions in English, while in the lower part is the charger and white USB cable.

Otherwise, the clock can be charged via any USB port on a desktop or laptop computer. After a few minutes of use, we realized that working with this clock is very simple. Let’s not forget to mention that in the box there is a metal “bar” for removing and changing the belt.

UWatch U8 Pro Smartwatch


A firs sight The U8 Watch Pro Smartwatch looks much better than its price. When you would not know that it was a smartwatch, we would say that this is a very nice digital clock. But he is also very smart 🙂
Strap of the watch is made of rubberized plastic that operates relatively comfortable while you have it on hand. Background cover is made of stainless steel, while only the housing is of plastic. The front screen is of course touch and it is used to control all the powerful features that this watch has.

At the right side is a single key that is used to turn the screen on. First, you will of course see the classic hour and you will find a number of different display hours, which you can choose from. So when you press the button to turn on the clock. In the lower part of the screen are three capacitive keys through which you can also activate certain options in the clock function similarly to Android phones. The main key is the left with which you enter the options.

Before we briefly explain the options, lets mention that at the left are three things – the speaker, the microUSB port (under the rubber flap) and a microphone. Otherwise, it is interesting that this smartwatch starts up after just few seconds, much faster than some Android smartphones.

Measures are 277 x 40 x 1.0 mm (with belt) and weighs only 45 grams.

Connecting via Bluetooth

Connecting via Bluetooth is very simply, we will not to explain, because the procedure is the same as when you connect any other device. When The U8 Watch Pro Smartwatch and your mobile device is connected, then using the smartwatch, you can control some functions of the smartphone, which looks very nice.

Some functions work “out of the box”, while for some you need to install the application (.apk) that you can easily download from their website. Here you will need to connect smartwatch with USB cable, and the installation process is again very simple. Basically, what you will be very interested is the fact that this smartwatch can take phone calls, text messages and receive notification from the smartphone on SmartWatch. Nice, isn’t it? 🙂

What will you get by connecting smartwatch and your smartphone? The U8 Watch Pro SmartWatch can also send and receive calls, send and receive text messages, receive notifications from your smartphone, and you can listen to music from the smartphone, you can control smartphone camera and take pictures and video. Neat, huh? 🙂

What are the possibilities of UWatch U8 Pro SmartWatch?

Let’s go through the options. We already mention the options, the clock allows a number of different displays (digital and analog), so you can set the one you want. Options have four screens that you can “browse” with left and right sliding of your finger across the screen. On each screen are four icons:
First SCREEN – Bluetooth connectivity, address, key to send and receive calls and send messages
Second SCREEN – call list, notification, listen to music with a smart phone, activate the camera (yes, you can control the camera on the smartphone!)
Third SCREEN – Settings, Anti Lost option (if you do not know where your cell phone is, you press the button and the phone will ring), the Power Saver (which slightly reduce the brightness of the screen to make the battery last longer) and ringtone (select the ringer when receiving a call ).
Forth SCREEN – The last screen is for your active life – a barometer, an altimeter, a step counter and stopwatch

Once again we have to mention that The UWatch U8 Pro is waterproof, but it does not mean that you can go under water. If will be OK if it’s raining or for washing hands, but other than that… well, we’re not sure … 🙂

What to say at the end?

It is not difficult to conclude that UWatch U8 Pro is extremely smart watch and the price is just something that competes with virtually none. What we especially liked about him was incredible performance. Simply there is no competition 🙂 In these few months, whoever we showed the smartwatch immediately wanted to buy one.. Of course, do not expect that UWatch U8 Pro will provide the ultimate luxury and quality, but certainly it is very functional and easy to work, nothing is worse than in more expensive models!

Be sure to see the video that will reveal some interesting facts, such as how you can make calls from smartwatch, and much more 🙂

Current price on ebay and aliexpress is arround 25$ – cheap isn’t it?

If you are interested in and some other Chinese smart watches / bracelets, look at our selection on this link.

+ Quality materials
+ Stable and fast operation
+ Price

– The screen is less visible in daylight
– You’ll need time to get used to the options
– Need to install additional applications to gain full functionality


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