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What is Android ware?

Android Ware is an operating system deigned by Google for smartwatches and other wearable devices. You can pair any mobile phone that is running Android version 4.3+ with Android Wear smartwatch and it will enable Google now technology with notifications.

As it is clear from the name android watches are only compatible with android devices of 4.3 jelly bean or above than that. This manufacturing side is also profitable convenient for companies to introduce their own smartwatch model. Manufacturers don’t have to either put much hard work and investment in designing software and other functions associated with Android Wear smartwatches. There is a wide range of models, prices and designs that are using Android Wear software. These smartwatches offer several functions and applications more than other models of modern smartwatches. Let us see what these smartwatches offer:

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Google has a big name and its smartwatches also reflect this reality. Android Wear is not only useful but also comfortable smartwatch. Setting up your new smartwatch is really easy. You will have to check the relative name of your watch on the list and then pair it. It is ready to use. There is no physical button so you have to control your watch through touch screen and voice control. These features look pretty cool when you become familiar with them. You can open several functions only through your voice such as settings, browsing the web and opening the applications.

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I have noticed two main functions of Android Wear: first one is telling time and the second one is telling the notifications. There are many watch faces available. You can move the screen to lefts to get to different functions and if you swap the screen to right, you will be back to the earlier function. You can check all the necessary notifications, email alerts, face book updates, missed calls, text messages and many more. You can do all kind of things like online booking, online shopping etc. It provides all kinds of functions like your smart phone possess but it is still a watch. It has also the feature of Google Now which tells about things like flight timings, friend’s birthday, stock market etc. You can download your boarding pass also which is truly amazing feature. It provides liberty from carrying and putting out my smart phone. For me, it is very helpful. Voice command helps in many ways like you can check messages; set timers and also find the steps you have taken only through your voice command. It is really an intelligent feature. You Android Wear can also answer questions like which is the tallest tree in the world? It is astonishing and outstanding. You can perform such things on your smart phone but doing it on your smartwatch adds extra comfort to your life. It is quite handy at times.

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I love one of its applications called Lyft. I asked my watch to call a cab for me. It not only arranged a driver for me to pick me and drop me safely at my destination but also provided a card to rate the customer service of the cab company. It also provided me the details about distance covered and cost of my travel. Another amazing thing about Android Wear is that technology is progressing day by day and new applications have been introduced. You can play music and enjoy full control through your Android Wear watch. It downloads music from Google play music and generally stores up to 4 GB data. You can listen to it directly by connecting your smartwatch to your smart phone. But it will hurt your battery and you will have to recharge your Android Wear watch if you like to listen music for the whole night.GPS connectivity works really well on these smartwatches.

You can change watch faces according to your own mood and style. Manufacturers have provided a wide range of watch faces. You can choose a watch face with lower light to increase the battery life. You can put on the cinema mode which allows you to turn your screen on while you tap the screen and for the remaining time, your screen remains idle.

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While it has several features, Android Wear has also some drawbacks like more emphasis on the voice command which sometimes look annoyed in public places. Fitness functions are not much impressive. But overall it totally depends on your needs. All in all, it is a good choice.

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